Aronnax is an idealised and easily configurable isopycnal ocean circulation model. Aronnax can be run as either a reduced gravity model with n + 1/2 layers, or with n layers and variable bathymetry.

Aronnax is

  • Easy to install on a laptop or a compute node, including without administrative privileges.
  • Easy to configure. All parameters, including grid size, are specified at runtime in a simple configuration file or function call.
  • Easy to use. Aronnax can be run from the shell as a Python script.
  • Easy to learn and understand, with extensive online documentation, including a complete description of the physics and the numerics.
  • Verified. Aronnax successfully reproduces published results from idealised models appearing in the literature.
  • Fast. The main integration loop is a Fortran program, wrapped in Python for convenient use.

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